"Then I will give you shepherds after My own heart,
who will feed you on knowledge and understanding."         -Jeremiah 3:15

Sunday Services at 9:00 am


Sunday School at 10:30 am

Holy Week Worship FAQ’S

What is the difference between Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday?   

Maundy Thursday: This year, Holy Week will feature an authentic, Jewish Seder Meal and Passover service, as part of the commemoration of Maundy Thursday.  Led by Deacon Gail Britt who has a Jewish background, the Passover service (in English with Hebrew excerpts spoken and sung), will occur on Thursday, April 18th at 5:45pm in the Fellowship Hall. The traditional Seder Meal with the symbolic foods of the captive Hebrews in Egypt, including Matzoh (unleavened bread),  Charoset (apples, nuts and honey depicts the mortar that held the bricks of the pyramids), Mararr  bitter herbs (horseradish) and salt water,  symbolizing the bitterness and tears of bondage, and the modern day Jewish foods of Passover, including  Gefilte fish, Matzoh Ball Soup. hard boiled eggs,  noodle kugel (casserole) and roast brisket. The meal will be served "family style," as is the custom in Jewish households around the world.
Following the Passover Service & Meal, the congregation will move from the Fellowship Hall to the sanctuary for Holy Communion as we remember Jesus and his disciples also gathered for the Passover in the Last Supper.


Good Friday Tenebrae: 

Tenebrae (Latin for “shadows” or “darkness”) the evening of Good Friday and includes the gradual dimming of the lights and extinguishing of candles. The Christ candle is removed from the sanctuary and a concluding loud noise (slamming shut the Bible) symbolizes the earthquake and agony of creation at the death of Christ.

We come together today as a community from different churches for this Ecumenical Tenebrae Worship service. We will have a combined choir and readers from all five congregations: American Lutheran Church, Crossroads United Methodist Church, First Congregational United Church of Christ, St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church and Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church. Come as you are to worship Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Good Friday is when we gather to worship Christ crucified for us. 


Easter Sunday: 

COME AND CELEBRATE THE RESURRECTION OF CHRIST!!! On Easter Sunday, April 21st, we will gather for worship at 9:00am and have an Easter brunch put on by the youth afterward. There will be no Sunday School but we will have an Easter Egg Hunt! 



May I bring guests or attend as a visitor?

All are welcome here! We invite all visitors and guests, those searching for a church home, those with questions, and all levels of beliefs. We have multi-faith families, life-long members, and even non-Lutheran members! Anyone can attend and participate at whatever level they are comfortable with.


Are you a gay-friendly church?

Absolutely! We gladly welcome LGBTQIA+ individuals and families.  


May I take Communion?

As Jesus was intentional in his welcome to the table, so are we! All people of any age are welcome to share in the Lord's Supper. It truly is the meal of God for the people of God!


Are Children welcome in Worship?

Yes! Children are always welcome in worship. They bring life, energy, and smiles to our services. Books and busy bags for young children are available, too!


When should I arrive?

Especially Easter Sunday service is quite busy, so we suggest 15-30 minutes before worship is best.


Where can I learn more?

If you would like to speak to a Pastor Kaila please email her at pastorkaila@sovgj.org or you may call us also at 970-434-3119.



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